What We Do

Mount Elgon Coffee and Honey Cooperative


Coffee Value Chain

Coffee Value Chain
Picking ripe cherries and sorting improve cup taste.
Quality Micro lots specialty coffee produced by women.
Grading coffee green bean ready for market.
Value added coffee ready for cunsumption.

Providing coffee seedlings to farmers to  replace aging coffee plants and stumping old ones has improved coffee yield and quality. Slides show how we oversee every stage of coffee value chain.

Bee Keeping

Bee keeping involves promoting community based bee trainer model of skilling farmers and tracing every stage of producing and marketing Quality Honey safe for consumption and environmental conservation.

Bee Hives
Harvesting Honey
Processing Honey
Youth Enterprenuership
Internship / Volunteer Scheme

Imparting knowledge and practical skills to young people to work as community based bee trainers

Designed for hosting professions, students both local and international to share knowledge, expertise, skills and experience to build capacity of the Co-Operative and the farmers.


We train and empower farmers with sustainable skills in organic and climate smart farming  practices including harvesting, hygiene and phyto-sanitary practices, proper post-harvesting handling as per national and International Certification Standards.

Do collective bulking processing and marketing of coffee and bee products to niche markets

Inputs like seeds, seedlings, tools, equipment to boost production and quality of marketable coffee and honey.