About Us



Transformed families from surviving to thriving through integrating Beekeeping-Coffee farming.


Reach new markets, improve coffee and honey quality through enhancing, enlarging and developing innovative value chains

At Mount Elgon Coffee and Honey Co-Operative

We are a cooperative of smallholder groups of farmers integrating bee keeping in coffee farms as climate resilient and poverty alleviation approach. We work in groups of 35-50 members producing, bulking and marketing of quality coffee and honey from Mt Elgon Region Of Uganda covering districts of Bududa, Bulambuli, Namisindwa, Manafwa, Mbale & Sironko.

More About Mount Elgon Coffee and Honey Co-Operative

Our Coffee Origin: Grow Arabica coffee of traditional East African varieties, (SL14, SL28 and Nyasaland commonly known as Bugisu Arabica). We offer full traceability of all our coffees and honey from farm to the final consumer. Mount Elgon region has been known for producing signature Arabica Coffee on world stage.  However, this glory has been declining due to unsustainable farming practices and climate change effects such as  Floods, landslides, prolonged droughts,  hail stones and heavy rainstorms threatening coffee production and livelihoods of Farmers. The poor quality yield of coffee has been also caused by declining soil fertility poor harvesting and post-harvest processing practices.

We’re deploying dynamic Skilled Community Based Coffee & Honey Quality Trainers (CBCHTs) in small holder farmer groups of 35-50 members  a across the Mt Elgon slopes to skill farmers and trace every stage of producing Premium Quality Coffee & Honey safe for consumption. We train and empower farmers with sustainable skills in organic and climate smart farming  practices including harvesting, hygiene and phyto-sanitary practices, proper post-harvesting handling as per national and International Certification Standards.

Farm Washed Coffee Honey: We do farm washed Arabica processing basing on national and international verification standards to ensure that coffee.  Our CBCHTs work closely with farmers to ensure that coffee and honey doesn’t get contaminated at the every level of handling through proper washing, drying on raised trays and proper storing and transporting.

Micro lots specialty Coffee: Due to the need to supply high and consistent quality coffee to our buyers, we have setup 1 mini coffee washing and we hope to scale up to 5 when resource envelope allows.

Our staff members are experts in the coffee and beekeeping enterprises and possess a keen understanding of coffee and honey business from producing to final consumption. 

What are we working to change: Mount Elgon region is the region in Uganda where families derive their livelihoods from coffee  and Banana. However coffee farming families are facing low prices, increasing climate change related impacts ranging from drought, landslides, pests and disease insurgency. All these have led to declining household income hence vicious cycle of poverty, gender inequalities, increasing unsustainable farming practices. This is the reaseon we’re integrating beekeeping as supplementary source of income, pollination services and  environmental conservation.

Our business model:  Is to built upon trust and transparency to ensure complete sustainability and customer satisfaction

Impact investment to Farmers: At the heart of our coffee and honey social enterprises, we belief profit is a means, not an end. And that is why we reinvest the profits generated to create new pathway of  social and environmental impact alongside financial returns to farmers. Training farmers in climate change adaptation and mitigation practices such as cover crop farming, the agroforestry-growing windbreak, coffee-tree shade management, rainwater harvesting, soil and water conservation contours, organic use of fertilizers and integrated pest and disease management, use of biochar, solar energy and reforestation.