Drink Coffee, Save Bees

Mount Elgon Coffee and Honey Cooperative

Drink Coffee Save Bees

We are a cooperative of smallholder groups of farmers integrating bee keeping in coffee farms as climate resilient and poverty alleviation approach. We work in groups of 35-50 members producing, bulking and marketing of quality coffee and honey from Mt Elgon Region Of Uganda covering districts of Bududa, Bulambuli, Namisindwa, Manafwa, Mbale & Sironko.

Our coffee: Grow Arabica coffee of traditional East African varieties, (SL14, SL28 and Nyasaland commonly known as Bugisu Arabica). We offer full traceability of all our coffees and honey from farm to the final consumer. Mount Elgon region has been known for producing signature Arabica Coffee on world stage.  However this glory has been declining due to unsustainable farming practices and  climate change effects such has  Floods, landslides, prolonged droughts,  hail stones and heavy rainstorms threatening coffee production and livelihoods of Farmers. The poor quality yield of coffee has been also caused by declining soil fertility poor harvesting and post-harvest processing practices.


Our Partners

Mount Elgon Coffee and Honey Cooperative

Mbale Coalition Against Poverty
(Mbale CAP)

Mbale CAP is Helping Communities to tackle Poverty together, through Health, Livelihoods, Education and Environment Projects.

The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organization

The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation (TUNADO) is the apex body recognised by the public and government of Uganda to coordinate all value chain actors in the apiculture industry.

Agribusiness Development Center

ADC’s main aim is to support these organisations in becoming profitable, sustainable and bankable enterprises that are able to provide efficient and effective services to their farmers and access financial services.

Bees for Development

Bees for Development promotes beekeeping as a tool for retaining biodiversity and alleviating poverty. Many of our farmers and community groups have adopted beekeeping to sustain their crops/trees and provide an income from honey.